Client Reviews

Quality businesses want to give their customers the best products or services possible.

I wasn’t kidding when I said my business is built completely on referrals alone. My goal is to offer my clients the highest degree of service, loyalty, ethics and professionalism. Receiving our client feedback, whether good or bad, is a critical part of providing superior service. This client feedback is used to help us do our job better.

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Probably the most altruistic motivation for leaving a review is that consumers want to help other people. In fact, this is the most common reason people cited for writing reviews (Isn’t it nice to know people are looking out for each other?)

If a consumer has a positive experience with a service, they will want to let others know about it in order to help them have the same enjoyable experience, as well. They may also feel that the company should be rewarded with a positive review for the excellent service they provided.

I believe this is the motivation for my clients sharing their kind thanks and appreciation in the form of a review. Please allow me to share a few with you:



Knowledge of the commercial real estate industry is impressive!

“Rodney worked diligently, always kept us aware of everything that was happening and gave us sage advice when we had questions or concerns. His patience with us was very much appreciated. Rodney’s knowledge of the commercial real estate industry is impressive and he explained everything so clearly the we felt that we had a handle on the issues as they arose. He was honest with us from the start and made sure we knew that he was on our side. Rod made good use of his many contacts, and made sure that as many agents as possible were aware of our property. Working with him was a pleasure and we feel that we have made a new friend.”

                                                                                                                                                           Lori and Dave T. – 108 Brock St.

Very professional and went above and beyond!

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness, I am really honoured and hope one day our ways will cross again.”

Bassem B. – Zolo Realty

An absolute pleasure to work with!

“You have been an absolute pleasure to work with Rod.  I sincerely hope we are able to work together again in the future! Thank you again for all of the time you put into our offer.”

Christine P. – Century 21 Infinity Realty

A stress-free real estate experience!

“I didn’t believe Rodney Harvey when he said he could help take the stress out of finding our perfect house. With 3 kids, a dog, a cat and hamsters, I thought no way would this be easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The entire process was seamless. For sure will be referring him to the rest of our family and friends.”

The William’s Family – 88 D’Arcy St.

Sold in 7 days for 99% of List Price! 

“My house sat on the market for 3 months without an offer. After relisting with Rodney, I sold my home in 7 days for 99% of list price, more than I ever expected. Looking forward to working with you again Rod.”

Henry D. – 150 Thomas St.

Rod kept me informed every step of the way!

“I want to thank the entire team for helping me through such a stressful ready-for-sale. Your team of experts made everything so easy and I never had to ask what was happening – Rod was a mind reader, always keeping me informed before I had a chance to ask!”

Joan R. – 60 King St.

Sold in 3 weeks for $20,000 more than expected!

“Everyone kept telling me to put my house on the market like it was, but Rod suggested I speak to his home stager. After finishing some minor repairs, I listed with Rod $ 20,000 higher than what a couple other agents suggested and sold in 3 weeks for list price! Thank you, Rod”

Ashraf B.– 79 Bancroft Dr.

Rodney made buying a business look easy!

“Buying a business was so much tougher than I thought it would be, but choosing the right agent took away all that stress. It was hard to find a business that was in good shape, but Rodney assured me I would find something and I did! He prepared the lease, purchase of the business, equipment and inventory, financial due diligence and assisted with licensing. Absolutely have no issues referring him, thanks Rod.”

Marcelo M.  – 2 Quaker Village Dr.

Found our new investment property in 10 days for 90% of List Price!

“I had been searching for a commercial condo for 3 months without finding what I was looking for. After enlisting Rod Harvey’s help, I found the perfect property with great tenants and an awesome location in 10 days for 90% of List Price. It was so much better than I ever expected. Thank you Rodney, for working ever so diligently with us and appreciate your patients with us!”

Jeffrey H. – 19 Laidlaw Blvd


To our clients…. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us these amazing reviews.

We are so grateful for your kind words and thank you for allowing me to share your review with our team and the community.